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Baseball Camp

When: July 23-25 (Tuesday-Thursday), 10:00am-2:00pm

Where: Clement Park (tentative), at 7306 West Bowles Avenue in Littleton

Ages / Cost: 8-18 years, Boys … $75 per person, $175 family max

This is a great way to get a basic foundation of baseball and how it is played mentally and physically. Contact is Steve Wichael.

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Eagles families,

June 28 is Eagles night at the Colorado Rapids!

This event is for all Eagles athletes and families, and not just for soccer players.

We will meet at the field at 5:30 to watch pre-game warmups at pitch level, then enjoy the match against Los Angeles FC.

After the match, plan to stick around and enjoy the fireworks!

To reserve your tickets ($26 each), contact Robin Grattet at Reserve right away; we do expect to sell out of our specially-priced group tickets.


2019 Off-season Offerings

Volleyball Camp

When: July 22 & 23 (Thursday-Friday), 9:30am-3:00pm

Where: Colorado Christian University, 8787 W Alameda Ave, Lakewood

Ages / Cost: 6th-12th Grades, Coed … $125 per player

Led by Bobby Blanken, head coach of CCU Women’s Volleyball and homeschool dad. CCU players will assist. This camp is designed for beginner and intermediate players to develop their fundamentals while learning offensive and defensive strategies. Contact is Cindy Arsenault.

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Soccer Camp

When: July 15-18 (Monday-Thursday), 5:00pm-8:00pm

Where: Writers Vista Park, 1900 W. Mineral Ave, Highlands Ranch

Ages / Cost: 12-18 years, Coed … $85 per player

Coached by Aaron Mikita of Highlight Catholic Ministries. This camp is designed by us and for us to further develop our fundamentals in shooting, controlling the ball, offensive shape, and defensive positioning. We also usually have a spring camp in February or March. Contact is Robin Grattet.

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Baseball Camp

When: July 23-25 (Tuesday-Thursday), 10:00am-2:00pm

Where: Clement Park (tentative), at 7306 West Bowles Avenue in Littleton

Ages / Cost: 8-18 years, Boys … $75 per person, $175 family max

This is a great way to get a basic foundation of baseball and how it is played mentally and physically. Contact is Steve Wichael.

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Basketball Camp

When: September 18-21 (Wednesday-Saturday), 9:00am-3:00pm

Where: Gold Crown Field House at 150 South Harlan Street in Lakewood

Ages / Cost: 8-18 years, Coed … $89 per person, $200 family max

This is a great way to learn the game of basketball and/or build your skills in shooting, ball handling, dribbling, passing and more. We group the athletes according to their abilities and age and have games that help the athletes learn in a fun environment. In addition, there will be Open Gym time and place TBD Ages 12-18 years, Coed. $5 per person per session.
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E-mail our Athletic Director, Troy Born, at with any questions or queries.

So many of you have asked, “How can we help or bless the Semin family?” We now have some feedback from Julie, with opportunities to serve and bless!

Meals and some ‘Work Days’ have been set up – they are requesting 3 meals per week, fresh or frozen – to be delivered on Wednesday’s at 11:00 a.m. to the King Soopers parking lot at I-25 and Hampden Ave – one of the Semin’s will meet you there. One person can sign up for all 3 meals that week, or 2 or 3 different people – whatever works for you. Meeting there is just to make it convenient for the family to deal with once a week, and for meal providers not have to make the drive out to Parker.

No allergies or special requests – enough to feed 6 adults.

We have also set up a few work days to help Julie get some projects done – and have included some sign-up slots to bring some food those days.

June 22, July 13 and Aug. 3rd.

Projects will include: yard work, fence repair/work, gutter repair, work done on the deck (deck specialist if possible), sprinkler repair (and extension of existing sprinkler system if someone has that expertise).

Sign up link:

Thank you!!


Hello Denver Eagles Families –

We have another fund raising opportunity!! As an organization we have an amazing opportunity to work with Observ Inc. They hire non-profit organizations to help run concessions at Coors Field! So gather your family and Eagles friends – earn money to reduce fees, buy new equipment, pay for new uniforms!! Let’s all pull together to help lower fees so that more families can participate in Eagles Sports!! Questions please contact Nita Born 303-748-3334.

PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL IN ITS ENTIRETY!! There is a lot of information – so please read it – your questions may be answered!!

A few of the details:

*Participants must be 16 years of age. This is a liability issue for Observ Inc.

*Pay for Coors Field is a flat rate of $85 for each person working (so as a family of 4 you could earn $340 for Denver Eagles in one shift!!)

*The shift is typically 6-7 hours. *Our group attendees would not work any of the alcohol concessions.

*We would work in groups of at least 2.

*Required uniform – (no exceptions they are essentially hiring us to work) solid black pants (no blue jeans – (I am checking on solid DARK BLACK jeans and will know by Friday May 31st) no leggings, sweatpants, yoga pants, shorts, no holes or faded pants), black nonslip closed toe shoes, (Vans style shoes with the white sole are ok) and a shirt with no wording – they will provide us with a work jersey to be worn during the shift (you are allowed to wear a long sleeve or sweatshirt under the jersey but again no wording!) *If you sign up to work a shift you must be there. Unfortunately there are no exceptions – this will be absolutely enforced. They are expecting to have us there to work – if we do not show up it could jeopardize our standings with them and all future opportunities. *You must be there or find an alternate worker for your shift. If you do not show for your shift or find a replacement from the sign-up alternate list you will not be allowed to participate again. I apologize for the strict nature of this but we are committing to Observ Inc that we will provide workers for their concessions – if we do not show up they do not run that particular concession and they lose all that money for that shift!

In case of emergency you will need to call the alternates listed for your shift – then you must contact me (303)748-3334 and give me the information so I can let Oberv know – with full names – so they will be able to let the alternate in the gate!

*There is a limit of 6 people per organization per event! (On the sign-up there will also be a sign-up slot for alternates – they will be the people to contact in case of emergency)!

*Parking is $1 per vehicle – park in Lot C and enter at Gate 12. 33rd and Blake parking garage

Sign-ups will be on a first come first served basis for the following dates: (Please use the Sign-up Genius link provided at the bottom of this announcement.)

(The times listed are for arrival AT the volunteer gate – please give yourselves time to park and take the shuttle in – double check the times they are different based on game time!)

June 14th – arrival time 3:30pm

June 15th – arrival time 3:00pm

June 16th – arrival time 10:00am

June 28th – arrival time 3:30pm

June 29th – arrival time 3:00pm

June 30th – arrival time 10:00am

I will need the first and last names of those (16 years and older) who wish to participate on the sign-up genius. They will be met at Gate 12 Employee entrance/Volunteer Check In – using the first and last names from the sign-up.

A shuttle will get volunteers from parking to Coors Field and back.

Please email with any questions – this is an amazing opportunity to earn money for Denver Eagles sports seasons.

Nita Born