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Winter 2020-2021 Basketball

Dear Denver Eagles Family,

Our fall experience with JPS has accomplished the goal of playing some basketball, understanding Colorado's COVID-19 restrictions, and building character through very difficult competition. 

We are recommending the JPS Winter League for our Middle School season since we cannot find in-state opponents.  Since we likely will have a mixed age team again (5th-8th grade), we plan to enter an 8th grade team in the C (lowest) division.  However, we need to register by Sunday Oct 11th.    To cover the JPS fees and practice facilities, the registration cost is $225 for the first MS player and 10 percent off each additional family member.  Please register by clicking on the Registration tab above.  

You will be only charged $5.00 at registration and will not be charged the balance until we determine if we have enough interest to form a team.  

If cost is a concern please contact:

** REVISED COLORADO SPORTS COVID-19 POLICY (as of October, 2020) **

CHSAA and the state of Colorado have drastically revised its 2020-2021 sports requirements and seasons, which will also affect our sports programs.  Several schools we play are CHSAA affiliated, and this decision will impact current and future facilities availability.   The board is currently reviewing options and will have a decision made shortly regarding what this 2020-2021 sports season will look like for the Denver Eagles.  Current sports practices will continue until a final decision has been made.   If you have specific questions or input, you can contact the board through their contact information on this site or email  

Praise God! Go Eagles!

Home School Athletics

To all we are a Home School athletic organization.  We are here to serve the Home School Community.  

Please note:

You can only register for sports if you are 51% homeschooled or if your private school does not offer the sport.

If you have any questions please contact us at:


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