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Girls Spring Soccer

The Registration for Girl's Spring Soccer will be coming soon! Check back again!

Basketball Alumni Game

Save the Date:

Dec 18 from 5-9p at Arvada K8

Homeschool Athletics

The Denver Eagles is a non-profit Christian homeschool athletic organization and is  here to serve the Front Range homeschool community.  

Denver Eagle Sports Eligibility Requirements

All players must be homeschooled in accordance with the following guidelines:
Homeschooling is defined to mean that a student’s education is parent (or guardian) directed. As such, the parents (or guardians) shall be involved in their child’s education by assuming the role of principal or headmaster, thereby:

  1. Setting the date and requirements for high school graduation.
  2. Selecting and approving course materials and study schedules.
  3. Selecting tutors, correspondence courses, videos, computer courses, and similar resources for their child’s education.  

Players are not eligible to play for the Denver Eagles if they: 

  1. Are not homeschooled.
  2. Currently play the same sport for another team.
  3. Have graduated High School -OR-
  4. Have exceeded the maximum age (15 for Middle School and 19 for High School before August 1).  

Eligibility exceptions to items #1 & #2 above will be considered by the Denver Eagles Board on a case-by-case basis. 
Denver Eagles is a member of the Front Range Christian Athletic Association (FRCAA) and operates in accordance with the FRCAA league regulations as described in the FRCAA Handbook.
Participating in sports is a privilege, secondary to academics and character at home. If a player is struggling in either area, we ask parents to inform the coach and agree on an acceptable consequence.

If you have any questions please contact us at:

SquadLocker Home Page

Link to SquadLocker website.